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FACT: 90% of all species ever to walk, swim or fly within our atmosphere is now extinct.

FACT: Earth warms and cools cyclically. We were headed for a cooling period which would have resulted in another major ice age.

FACT: If humans disappeared off the face of the planet tomorrow, the earth would recover fully with no help from us.

FACT: The earth can sustain itself, but humanity is in danger of endangering itself.

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    The Best Luck

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    It's Alright It's Love OST

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Chen's OST for It's Alright It's Love

I didn’t even listen to this for five minutes after I found it. I just saw the part and screamed. (Aside, my dog gave me a dirty look, then got up in disgust and left the room.)

One second in, and I fell in love. Literally, I checked the time stamp.

By ten seconds, it was my favourite song.

When he got to “I love you (너를 사랑해)” I was a gibbering mess, squirming around on my bed and flailing.

This song literally just destroyed me.

*burbles because goo*

Also, side note: is SM trying to take over the entire entertainment industry, using only exo? Who else has noticed that DO is in a drama, for which Chen contributed to the soundtrack, and Baekhyun was in a musical, and Chanyeol and Tao are doing variety/reality shows, and Luhan’s in a movie. I mean seriously, it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

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    MAMA (more like 'i hate you kai, i'm gonna sing your group's song and make fun of your parts' song)

  • Album

    I Thought Our Friendship Was True, u bitch. - by Lee Taemin

  • Artist

    Taeman (lol wat?) (ft. rapperBlingBling & VocalBum)


  • Taemin singing a messed up version of MAMA as a revenge because Kai didn’t win he did it on propose. dat bitch lol the Speed Quiz of Friendship.

supposed MAMA fanchant by Lee Taemin :

Kim Jongin

Park Chanyeol

Kim Joomyeon

Oh Sehun



Luhan (da fuck Tae’, Luhan’s in M. are u on drugs lmao)

Oppa saranghaeyo~ (seems like he forgot about Soo and Baek lol)

This is so painful on so many levels XDD not only does he mess up the lyrics, he’s also clearly out of his range and IT HURTS US

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